Get your payroll set up for auto enrolment

There are various ways to ensure that your payroll is set up correctly for auto enrolment

Get your payroll set up for auto enrolment

So in terms of payroll for small employers, they’re either going to be doing it in house using some software they’ve bought or outsourcing it to a payroll bureau. Now whichever one of those is the case, there’s a few key things that they’ll need to look out for.

The first one is assessing their workforce at the time they go into auto-enrolment to see who should be put into the pension scheme. But that’s not just at the time of going into auto-enrolment. That’s a continuous process, so every time somebody joins the company or has a pay rise. They also need to write to their employees and tell them what’s going on in terms of some statutory communications.

Now their payroll software provider can either help them with that. They will have usually put together an auto-enrolment module as part of that package, or their payroll bureau would be able to help them with that as well. Now both of those may come at a small additional cost.

Then there’s the regular ongoing need to send the monies into the pension provider as well. That’s part of an output from the payroll and again your payroll software provider should be able to help you with the files that are necessary for that.

So speak to your payroll software provider. Speak to the payroll bureau, but at the same time the pension scheme provider can usually provide some kit that will help with that as well.


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