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Joint projects can lead to external funding


London South Bank University can work with SMEs to test and validate product ideas

Joint projects can lead to external funding

London South Bank University is approached by many small companies looking to test and validate product ideas that they might have developed as part of their core business.   We have the opportunity to work with small companies through some of our cutting edge research and development facilities, coupled with our academic expertise and knowledge in that particular subject area.


Once we’ve managed to test and validate an idea we can then work with that small company to identify external funding sources that we might jointly bid for, in terms of a project and a partnership, to then really begin to look at the commercialisation of that idea.  And it’s very much a university business collaboration.


We’ve got some great examples of how we’ve done that here at the university, recently working with a small telecoms company to test signal interference, and that’s led to some ground breaking research and a new discovery that will lead to intellectual property and a potential commercialisation partnership over the next few years.

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