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Universities offer SMEs a range of support

From taking on a student, right up to longer term collaborations are all possible at London South Bank University

within a university you can Access a range of support

A small company can expect quite a broad range of support from a university when developing an idea and it all depends on what the company’s after and the time frames they’d like to work to.  Shorter scale interventions can range from taking on a student, right up to longer term collaborations, collaborative research, contract research.


Businesses can generally benefit a great deal from working with universities.  Some interesting numbers from the Dowling review in 2015 was that research undertaken without universities gives a GVA of £4.22 to every £1 invested, whereas in collaboration with the university gives a GVA of £9.67 to every £1 invested in R&D.


So it shows the impact of actually working with a university and I suppose my one piece of advice would be to go and actually meet those universities, before you need to work with them.  Go and knock on their door.  Find their business development team, their external engagement team or whatever they call it and ask to have a meeting.  Go in and explore the expertise they have that’s relevant to you.  Go and talk to some of the academics and find out the skill sets they have.  Tell them about your business and some of the challenges you have because that starts to form a relationship before the need’s there and they will have a better understanding of what you’re trying to achieve and also going forward, universities do a lot of projects.


So understanding what you do and what you need could put you in a prime position for them to invite you into those projects going forward.

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