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What can an angel investor offer other than the money


An angel investors may be able to offer a lot more than just the money for your business

What can an angel investor offer other than the money

Angel investing is an attractive proposition because it’s not just the money they bring.  You’re generally being backed by people who have got huge amounts of business skills, who have been themselves business builders, who may have been either professionals or really experienced business people.  So they can help you really build and grow your business.  They can give you advice.  They can give you contacts.  They can give you links.  They can help you access customers and markets and really help you work out the direction in which you can go to really help you build your business.


And angels also know other players in the finance field, so they can help you access next stage of finance or the other appropriate forms of finance to help you build your business.  So they really bring a lot more added value than just the money and that’s why they’re really very valuable people to have around you if you think you’ve got the right kind of business to take on angel investing.

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