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Accountants should help you understand more than just your numbers

Accountants can help with many aspects of your business - not just the numbers...

Accountants should help you understand more than just your numbers

Accountants can help business understand more than just their numbers.  At the core of any business are people driving it forward and therefore we are a people business as well as a numbers business.


It’s key from an advisor’s point of view to get to know the story behind that business and establish the aims, aspirations and drivers of the individuals involved.


For example, it’s really important that the senior management team all share the same strategic vision to ensure they’re pulling in the right direction, and that could be as simple as having monthly management meetings or even putting in a support team to not only ensure you have a diverse range of skills, but also to give the owner manager the work life balance that they want.


Alternatively, a discussion around long term exit planning can help influence how and when the next generation are brought into the business. or even looking at a key employee where perhaps a share option agreement is more beneficial than a standard contract of employment.


Communication and understanding are key between the business and the advisor. To thrive, a business needs to look at its affairs holistically rather than just financially. Yes, we do help our clients understand the numbers, but we also help them to think strategically as well as assisting them in maximising their opportunities so that current and future generations continue to benefit.

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