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Bottom up management is better than top down

In order to reach your goals it is essential to align your management team...

Bottom up management is better than top down

As a business owner it’s crucial to get the right management team, but first you need the right people.


As a business owner myself, they’re founders.  They’ve got there through energy, entrepreneurial spirit and there comes a point where the age and size, profile of a business, where they just need some more help.


Part of that is, I guess, the inner… the feelings of the business owner themselves. Can they take on support?  Do they like to interact with other people? And that’s a huge journey for that business owner to undertake.


Aligning a management team, without question, helped shape the destination of the business but we should not forget that it’s not always all about the management team.  Having a better understanding is the people overall, the whole organisation and looking for gems in that business where innovation and culture and all those things come through.  So it’s more of a bottom up management sometimes than a top down.  I think the management team naturally is an important vehicle to move the business forward.


The importance of the management team’s ultimately about trust.  It’s about the ability to share success as well as failure and having ongoing communication.  Overall getting people on side, realising you’re not the best person in the room and calling in the expert when you need to, are the key points.


If you follow these steps, your management team will align and you will reach your goals with more speed and certainty.

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