Advice For Small Business Owners That Is Valid As Well As Useful

Advice for small business owners is available from innumerable sources. Government data showed there were 5.4 million UK based SMEs in 2015. Providing advice for these firms has spawned a community of businesses providing tips and advice on a range of business issues from management or finance to employing staff.

The dilemma for the small business owner is to know which information is valid and useful and which is not. For example, which financial scheme is the most successful or which author produces the most useful and well informed articles. A company owner could spend a vast amount of time trying to keep up to date with current trends in the business community and fully informed about the changes that could have the biggest effect on their business. A reliable source of small business advice that reviews and summarises all the relevant information in one place would be useful. Similarly, there are many sources of SME news, from business pages in newspapers to a huge number of business related websites. A community resource that engages small businesses and works collaboratively to share the best ideas to maximise a business’ potential and support economic growth would be invaluable. For the busy owner, constantly dealing with staff, other companies, new products or services, business plans, data etc., the information should be in convenient and bite sized pieces, containing all the key data in an easily digested, short format. It should be easily signposted to allow busy owners to quickly find the information relevant to their sector.

At SME for Growth, we provide just such a service, giving the most relevant advice for small business owners through videos, articles and interviews. Visit us at to see what we mean. Subscribe or contact us via our online form or by phone on 020 8438 0616.