Advice For Small Business That Helps Develop Leadership Skills

Advice for small business leaders is needed to help them develop leadership skills. Recent research has shown that UK SMEs are not growing as fast as they could because there is a measurable lack of management and leadership skills. Tips and small business advice that help develop these skills will make better leaders.

The UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently produced figures showing the UK economy is growing faster than the economies of other advanced nations. However, there is an anomaly within the figures, this is productivity. Measured as 'worker output per hour', productivity is still around 2% lower than before the financial crisis of 2008. Research into the SME sector has suggested that one of the key issues holding back many small businesses is a lack of leadership skills among owners and leaders. The research showed that the use of best practice, and knowledge and skill levels, are uneven across the sector. The overall conclusion is that the underdevelopment of leadership and management skills is limiting the growth and overall performance of a large proportion of SMEs. Further it found that where leaders and managers showed good leadership and entrepreneurial skills, business growth and revenues were directly improved, and productivity and turnover were also indirectly affected. What then can make better business leaders? Again research has a possible answer. Entrepreneurship and leadership skills can be developed through access to training, resources and advice. Access to good small business advice articles and up to date SME news via established business support sources, facilitates development of these skills, producing better business leaders.

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