Advice Small Business Leaders Will Use

Advice small business owners, leaders and management can easily access is currently available from many different sources such as newspapers, small business magazines, consultancy firms, UK government departments and a multitude of online services. How does an SME owner, leader or management distinguish the most useful information from the less useful?

In an academic or research environment, the approach to finding the most useful information is well established. It is based on knowing the reputation of the author. It is also based on the consideration of a number of other factors. The first is being able to find the same information, results or conclusions from a number of different places, be they in a book, magazine, SME news or in a reputable online source. The second is being able to repeat the work, study or process and get the same or a similar result. Finally, and possibly the approach that is of most use in a small business environment, there is peer review, where other experts in the same field comment on the usefulness of the information. While big firms retain whole departments of employees to carry out the first two approaches, smaller firms need information that is easily accessible and that has been judged to of been useful by their peers. If such small business advice is also in one place, where it can easily be accessed by different individuals looking for specific SME news then this adds to the benefit of the advice source.

SME for Growth provides just such information that has been checked and approved by The Business Channel TV to ensure it is useful and relevant to UK SMEs. We provide advice small business leaders can action through our website, You can contact us to find out more by calling us on 020 8438 0616 and talk to one of our team today.