Best Small Business Resources Will Help Address The 'Leadership Gap'

Best small business resources are needed to help small companies to develop the leadership skills they need to perform to their full potential. Research commissioned by the UK government showed that in all business sectors a strong correlation existed between leadership and business performance measured by revenue, growth and productivity.

This 'leadership gap' is not always in evidence within any new SME start up, often being masked by the initial enthusiasm and entrepreneurship of the founders. However, two 'sticking points' were identified where better leadership skills, and access to resources and information regarding leadership, would result in a more positive outcome. These were when the company starts to grow and when a small firm needs to alter its business direction. Examples of poor leadership that could be modified by access to the right resources, included where leaders try to retain too much control over the business and where an owner avoided taking management decisions. To equip leaders with the information and guidance they need to overcome these barriers and become better leaders, good quality small business resources have been developed. However, leaders need to know where to find these resources and how to access them. The time pressures on those in leadership roles within SMEs also means that these resources need to easy to read, and simple to access and share with other staff members. Good resources combined with access to good online SME news and information sites provides opportunities for business leaders to grow and develop both in terms of skills and knowledge.

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