Great Small Business Advice Helps SMEs Maximise Their Potential

Great small business advice is essential to the survival of the small business. It provides a much needed lifeline to SME owners and management teams. The consequences for those without access to top quality advice and the latest news can be devastating for all concerned and lead to the closure of businesses.

Recent research in the UK has shown that, conservatively, up to half of all new businesses will not survive past the first 5 years. Reasons to explain this include entrepreneurs not properly researching the markets they want to enter. Other issues include them not being aware of competing firms, not knowing the options available to get the right finance deal, insufficient investment in office technology and being unprepared for the financial effects of changing legislation. In analysing the UK business failure rate, no single reason has been identified and in most cases it is a combination of factors. What has become clear is that when small firms receive effective small business advice, they are supported and can face and resolve business challenges more efficiently, building robust management and financial systems. Receiving the most up to date SME news means they can plan for changes in legislation or in their respective markets and be aware of the latest technology. This puts those who own, lead or manage these SMEs in a position to compete more effectively. If this information is available in an inspirational, easy to follow format, it will engage small businesses and encourage them to work collaboratively.

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