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UKIBC connecting businesses between Britain and India

Lord Green opens the UKIBC Business Hub in Gurgaon.

UKIBC connecting businesses between Britain and India

Lord Green – Former Minister of State for Trade & Investment

This is an opportunity for British businesses that are new to India to come and meet with people who know their way around to work out what their own strategy is, to get office space to help them get going, to get mentoring from people who know the Indian scene, to work out their whole business plan and begin doing business in India. This is a tremendously important initiative. It really is strategically significant.

Richard McCullum – Managing Director, UKIBC India

Market entry and market expansion in India can be quite a challenging and daunting process. We are here to provide British SMEs with a soft landing.

Richard Heald – Chief Executive, UKIBC

We tried to create something that is of a standard that companies would expect in the UK, but at the same time give it all the necessary support from an Indian perspective.

Paul Dass – Chairman, Pacific Business Centre

We wanted to have it world class and this was our main aim, to make it very home away from home for the British. We have training areas. We have work stations. We have offices. We have event space.

Kumer Iyer – Director General, UKTI India
There are advisors on site who can help answer specific questions on that person’s sector and they can help put you in contact with people. They can advise both on government and regulatory contacts. They can advise on business contacts and they can help get you on your way.
This business centre is invaluable and just provides a safe really easy to access base for British businesses to set up in India.

Richard Heald – Chief Executive, UKIBC

Well, Lord Green coming out obviously and opening the centre. Obviously also having the Chief Minister here was a real seal of approval.
The reactions that we’ve had today, the reactions that we’ve had from a number of companies who have come through, has been extremely positive.

Sonita Unadkat – Managing Director, Urban Shore

If there was something like this that existed when I first set out I would have been the first one to sign up. To have an environment which reminds you of the comforts of home surrounded by all the great images of the UK, it really would have been a home away from home. You get inspired by other British entrepreneurs that are having similar challenges or just the challenges of being away from home, let alone setting up a new business. It would have been a great support, emotional support as well as physically having an office over here. So yeah, I think it’s wonderful.

Lord Green – Former Minister of State for Trade & Investment
The Business British Centre is here to help and here to find that way into a really good profitable long term business relationship in this exciting country.