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What are the benefits of IoD membership?

Simon Walker, former Director General at the Institute of Directors - explains the benefits of membership.

What are the benefits of ioD membership?

Well, the Institute of Directors was set up 112 years ago in order to try and help people run businesses in a better way and understand what being a Company Director was all about.

It’s different from being a manager and just looking after a business or being an employee.

It involves a kind of central responsibility for the way that a business develops and works and we have 38,000 members now – 3000 of those are actually students who want to go into business themselves. But the other 35,000 are all people who are running companies of one sort or another.

We provide professional development training that helps them run their company in a better way. We provide facilities where they can meet, both in London, and all around the country.

We bring them together to talk about business issues. We lobby government on their behalf and we talk in the media about why business is important, why the private sector really matters, because without business there is nothing in the economy.

There’s no added value. There’s no economic growth. There are no taxes to pay for education, housing, health – all the things that we take for granted. It all comes from private sector activity and ultimately that’s all from largely the medium sized businesses and the small businesses that constitute the backbone of this country’s economy.

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