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Attracting talent for a strong workforce

Compete against big FTSE 100 companies for the best talent

Attracting talent for a strong workforce

If you talk to small and medium sized companies that have been successful and grown very quickly, one of the keys that the leaders of those companies always talk about is a strong workforce.


What these companies do particularly well is that they’re able to compete for scarce talent alongside those FTSE 100 companies who are able to perhaps offer much greater salaries. These companies, these business leaders, what they manage to do is to sell different things about the business. They have a great vision which they can tell the story about where the company is going and they can provide greater opportunities perhaps to give people more diverse experiences, really be involved in shaping the business.

So actually there are great things about working with small and medium sized businesses. It’s just about those companies being more confident to compete against some of the bigger boys in attracting the best people.



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