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Take your business from startup to scaleup

Take your business from startup to scaleup

The fact is that an explosion in the number of businesses that have been created over the last five years or so. We’ve got about a million more businesses in the economy than we did five years ago, but the reality is that almost two thirds of those businesses are just single person businesses.


So while it’s important that they’ve been created now we need to focus our attention on making sure that as many businesses as possible have the opportunity to grow, start employing people and to really generate growth and prosperity. That’s not an easy thing to do. Obviously there’s barriers in the way to growing and what we tend to emphasize in terms of what matters to those businesses is about having confidence and ambition – number one. Number two, making sure that you have the right capabilities within your business. So bringing in the right people at the right time who can help you grow, and number three, making sure that you have the right capital and you’re accessing finance which will help you invest in growth.


With those three ingredients we believe that more companies can start to realise their growth potential.


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