E-Commerce how not to put people off



E-Commerce how not to put people off

They are on your website wanting to buy - don't lose them - follow these easy steps...

E-Commerce how not to put people off

Don’t Force Sign-Up

It is a bad idea to force a user to sign-up to be able to purchase. It will distract customers at check out, many see it as time consuming and tedious and it will cause them to abandon their shopping carts. Your website should have an option to ‘Check Out as a Guest’, or allow users to sign up with Facebook or Google Plus so they do not have to spend time filling out all their personal information.

Show Your Value

Why are you better than the hundreds of other ecommerce sites? Do you save people money? Are you easy to use? Do you offer a wide range of products? Your up-front value proposition is woven into the design and organization of your website. You need to show people why you are the best. Amazon, for example, adds value by showing customers items they may want right on the homepage.

Update, Update, Update

You need to keep everything on your site up to date. If you have a blog it needs to be updated regularly, you should feature new and popular products and replace them when you have new items to discover. It is also important to keep your website design up to date. It is good to invest in keeping everything on your site fresh and clean to make sure your users have a good impression of you from the get go. Keeping your blog up to date is great for getting your page to rank higher on search engines.

Great Product Photos

People are used to being able to pick up and try out a product in the real world which is obviously not something that they can do online. You want to give people comfort that what they are buying is fantastic so every single product photo you put up should show them that. You want to give different angles a modern look and clean aesthetics. This will create trust and help the customer envision themselves with the product. You want your users to see your products and think ‘I need to have that,’ a great picture does just that.

Live Chat

Customer service is very important. You need to be easy to reach when a user has a question or concern. The faster their concerns can be addressed the more likely they are to buy. Live chat is an easy way to make yourself accessible. Most people will not make the effort to call and will most likely go elsewhere. E-mail can seem slow for many users and people don’t want to feel like they are wasting their time. A chat service is instant and hassle free and it will definitely impress.

Eliminate checkout distractions

Your checkout should be clean and simple. Once a customer starts on that track, advertisements, other product options, and anything that can lead them to click away from that page should be gone. The customer should know how many steps they have to complete to purchase and have a clear path to move forward. This is vital since if a customer gets distracted and leaves this page it is unlikely they will come back. This is a section of your website that you should keep a close eye on. If you have too many people abandoning the page at a certain point you probably have a problem that you need to clean up.

Easy Search Options

Your users need to easily be able to find what they want. Your search options should be obvious and well organized. The categories should lead to the discovery of new and great products that the customer may not have thought of. The options should not be cluttered or take too long to read through. You want to give customers a fast and easy way to discover what they need. You should incorporate a search engine for your website as well as simple navigation bars. A search engine that can predict what a customer might be looking for would be a nice touch.

Responsive web design

Invest in responsive web design. With so many devices and so many different screen sizes you need a design that will look great across all platforms. While your design my look wonderful on a large computer screen, that same design might be clunky and hard to use on a mobile screen. A responsive design will be beautiful and easy to use on all platforms.

Catalin Zorzini.