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Cambridge Judge Business School Entrepreneurship Centre University of Cambridge

The Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School was launched in 2015 under the patronage of HRH The Duke of York. It builds on the existing ten year track record in entrepreneurship education established through our inspirational skills development programmes such as Enterprise Tuesday, Ignite and the accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship; and our startup accelerator, Accelerate Cambridge, which incubates promising new ventures. It also incorporates the new SME Growth Challenge which enables SMEs to develop their management capabilities. In this way, the Centre provides support throughout the entrepreneurial journey starting with the empowerment of aspiring entrepreneurs through to the creation and development of early-stage ventures, all the way to small and medium size enterprise growth.

Make your management fit for growth

Economic growth and job creation are closely linked to the success of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) in almost every economy, both developed and emerging. SMEs, however, struggle to be successful and grow; only the very few manage to turn themselves into growth companies with the potential to make a difference to their economy.

Two main reasons are typically cited for this struggle: one is a lack of access to capital, and the second is limited managerial skills to strategically lead a company as it becomes large and international. The two reasons are connected; SMEs are opaque to banks and investors (because they report less than very large companies), so the variability in managerial capabilities across companies causes risk for investors. This prompts them to be conservative in lending or investing.

Cambridge Judge Business School aims to support SMEs in developing their management capabilities through the SME Growth Challenge; a programme designed to help CEOs and senior managers develop both their own and their organisations’ managerial skills, setting them up to grow.

The SME Growth Challenge

The SME Growth Challenge is an innovative programme launched in partnership with Santander bank which aims to dramatically enhance the performance and competitiveness of high potential companies in the East of England.

Using the latest thinking and drawing on decades of experience in supporting growth, the programme recognises that although growing firms face common challenges, each is unique and requires a bespoke approach to achieve its full potential.

Through a process of deep engagement with leadership teams, we develop an understanding of the challenges facing each business and help them to articulate, and systematically implement, their plans for growth. The programme, delivered over 12 months, will develop each firm’s managerial capability by setting attainable objectives and helping them achieve these objectives through collaborative problem solving and monitoring their progress through key performance indicators.

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