Perwyn LLP

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Perwyn is a family funded investment firm carrying out private equity style investments however with a degree of flexibility that only an entrepreneurial family investor can offer.

Our investment style is hands-on with a reasonably close operational involvement. We invest in businesses with turnover between £10m and £100m that are in a transition phase caused for example by a retiring entrepreneur, a management buy-out / buy-in situation or a period of accelerated growth both organic or by way of acquisition. It is in these situations that we can add most value to a business.

Perwyn’s flexible investment style differs from other financial investors as follows:

  • Evergreen fund structure which does not restrict our investment horizon to the life of a fund
  • Hands-on operating expertise among the investment team which enables an effective engagement model with entrepreneurs and managers
  • Strong values of a successful family business which provide us with a long term perspective and a focus on sustainable value creation
  • Flexible deal structure and investment period beyond the standard 4-5 year Private Equity model
  • Streamlined decision making process where the key decision makers are part of the investment team

If you think that Perwyn may be the right financial partner for you or your business, then give us a call and we would be glad to talk it through with you.

Heinz Holsten | Partner | 07770 347 765 |

Andrew Wynn | Partner | 07795 395 000 |