Resources For Small Business That Highlight Ways SMEs Can Compete

Resources for small business that show SMEs how they can compete more effectively in local and world markets are needed to enable them to reach their full potential. Small firms form a huge part of the UK economy and therefore helping them to maximise their potential stimulates national economic growth.

All SMEs face a series of challenges in order to reach their full potential. How well they fair within the business community will depend largely on how well equipped their management is to resolve these problems as they occur. Competition is a permanent feature of the business environment and increasingly an SME news has to compete not only with other local firms but also with big companies, and on an international stage. How, for example, does a small business learn about effectively exporting its products and/or services, and competing with local firms in the country they want to export to? A recent survey by the Confederation of British Industry of their members indicated 4 out of 5 SMEs needed help exporting. Small businesses often feel that exporting is too much of a financial or investment risk or that dealing with more regulations is too complicated. Small business resources giving advice and tips to support SMEs to compete abroad, presented in an easy to follow and inspiring way would give UK small businesses the confidence and knowledge to plan to compete on the world stage. It becomes even more valuable if it includes contributions from government and business leaders, and the latest most relevant SME news.

At SME for Growth, we provide bespoke resources for small business to help you compete more effectively. Check out for the latest articles and news on exporting. You can use our online form to contact us or send an email ( if you have any questions any aspect of competing with other companies on the international stage.