Resources Small Business Owners Need To Recruit Staff

Resources small business owners feel they need, particularly those who are new to hiring and retaining staff, can be complex and difficult to engage with, or even find. As small firms grow, they need to employ staff and also need to be able to keep and get the best from these individuals in order to grow their business.

Many small businesses want to make a difference in their local community whether by sourcing their materials locally, by employing individuals from the local area, or even doing both. However, staff do not come without problems. Surveys have shown that many small business owners feel they need support and advice to deal with issues such as recruitment, employee contracts, staff absence, complaints at work and their impact on finance. They need advice about UK employment regulations and laws, and the efficacy of different types of recruitment events and advertising. In many companies, big or small, the accountant will confirm that staff costs are one of the biggest financial commitments. As such, small business resources that help SMEs maximise the productivity and retention of staff are needed. For example, many SMEs are nervous and unclear about how the UK government apprenticeship scheme works and how it benefits small business. SMEs also need advice on other pertinent issues including attracting and keeping the right people and handling local skills shortages. Small companies also need access to the latest SME news giving them advice on changes to employment terms and conditions, for example changes to wages, pensions or taxation rules and their effect on finance following government changes.

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