Small Business Marketing Resources - Sorting The Wheat From The Chaff

Small business marketing resources that enable SMEs to develop an effective but economic marketing mix for their sector are essential in the development and growth of small firms. However, how do small businesses decide which of the many marketing resource articles available contain useful information and which are next to less useful?

Certainly, some small firms avoid the issue altogether by outsourcing their marketing to big marketing consultancy companies. But, by following this model, how can you be sure that your marketing is effective? There is also always the risk of you losing control over your marketing and how your company is portrayed. On the other hand, do you have the skills and expertise to develop a marketing strategy completely in-house? There are many small business resources available that contain information about successfully using channels such as social media as a marketing tool. But, how can you tell which of these contains useful information? One way is to look at the source of the information. If it is published by an internet service provider or by the social media company itself, it may have a certain bias and be less useful for your situation. If it is produced by a marketing or advertising firm, it might be a thinly veiled advert for their services. To find unbiased, useful information, look for a service that is moderated by a trusted business organisation and contains articles and SME news from a wide variety of contributors such as university business schools, respected blog specialists and marketing professionals.

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