Small Business Owner Resources To Support SMEs To Grow Their Businesses

Small business owner resources to support SMEs grow their businesses are readily available, but there is increasing evidence that some small businesses owners may not know about them, or are worried about quality, and are not using them. What are the risks to SMEs of not accessing quality news and business information?

Quite simply, the risk is to the future of the SME. There is much evidence that over the long term, both small businesses and large firms that fail to respond to market changes and new trends in purchasing products and services are more likely to fail. In the short term, SMEs that do not regularly access SME news and resources stand to miss out on new business opportunities, such as new export markets. They could be unaware of changes to legislation and trading rules that might lead to them failing compliance tests. They may not be aware of changes in the local or UK business environment that they need to respond to if they are to remain competitive, such as the move to online and mobile payment systems. Also they might not be aware of, or able to access funding and support that could help them to grow and attract further business. Finally, their competitors who do have access to the quality small business resources available will have a distinct competitive advantage. Their owners will be more aware of their markets and of business trends, they will be able to build business relationships, reach their potential, and grow their small business more effectively. So SMEs where do small businesses access quality information?

Try SME for Growth. We provide quality current and relevant information to UK SMEs. Our small business owner resources are carefully selected to help you manage and grow your business. See for yourself by heading to our website ( where you can also subscribe to our services. If you have any questions, phone on 020 8438 0616 and we will put our team to work helping you.