SME Advice Helps Improve Workplace Relations

SME advice is available to support small businesses with employment related issues. Many SME owners have never been employers before starting their small businesses, and many employees are more used to working for big companies than small firms. This can lead to misunderstandings and tensions developing between employers and employees.

There are many rules, regulations and laws surrounding employment. Not only can that cause problems on its own, but these are constantly changing as governments change their agendas and directions. Many employees and some SME employers have poor, or outdated understandings of employment rules and this can lead to misunderstanding and mistrust. Reliable and up to date small business advice that clearly and succinctly explains specific aspects of the most current employment rules can greatly improve employer/employee relations. Such advice and information ensures that both parties are aware of the legality of their positions, and as such know exactly where they stand. Recent UK government campaigns have advertised new pension rules and new minimum wage requirements, but apart from the headlines that everyone is aware of, some businesses are left with very little information. High quality SME news will help an SME leader to implement these changes and explain them to staff, for example explaining the new living wage in relation to the ages of their employees. Access to good information can help SME management to have a better understanding of resources that are available to help them offer continuing professional development opportunities to their employees. Employer/employee relationship can be vastly improved if the employee feels valued and their contribution is recognised as valuable by their employer.

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