SME Articles That Give You A Balanced, Considered Opinion

SME articles are available from daily news sources on TV, online and in print. How should you, as a small business owner react to these articles? Can you trust the sources that have been used? Should you get more opinions about what is actually happening behind the headlines and sound bites before you make response plan?

There are many problems with a completely reactive response to advice from SME news sources. For example, the news story itself might be based on unsupported or inaccurate forecasts. It might have been released to 'spin' a story in favour of or against the latest government agenda. It may reflect or report the views of part of the business community or individual business leader that is at odds with the mainstream view. In short, it might represent a view or concern that you as an SME leader do not need to respond to, or that you feel completely differently about. If you react too quickly, you run the risk of steering your SME to respond in a way that costs you time and effort, or alters your business in a way that potentially does it long term damage. It is much better to take a proactive stance and respond to the latest SME news after doing more research and gathering opinions as to the validity of the original story. In that way, you can produce a considered and informed plan in response to an actual rather than perceived event or change. You need to consult small business resources that are balanced, considered and from those with the most expert knowledge in their fields.

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